I have been trying to make big decisions too quick. Turns out all I really needed for my necessary clarity was to take a good snowy morning nap. So I woke up early as a bird, as usual, but by 10AM I gave up and went back to bed.

I woke up again, knowing I am not going into the MFA program in Children's Writing/Illustrating. I am going to write Hojoki for Children but I am a great number of more things than a children's book writer. I don't want to invest my MFA into being geared for children, because I want to leave my options open so that some day I can pursue my other talents rather than solidifying and deciding on children's books. Getting a MFA would be great for me, and I have one outstanding application for a Creative Writing degree, that is tuition free, and if I get that you betcha I will take that. But right now, and if I don't get that, I am working on this children's book I want to create, Hojoki for Children.

It sure feels good to know that I know something for a change. :)