Come to the valley the valley of dough lift up your head and let ego go

Money is easy to keep and to grow Come to the valley the valley of dough.

Let me present to you an idea I have been researching on youtube and blogs! Though it is very value free - in other words, very un-sustainable and not motivated by particular mission statement... in a way it sounds like an independent plan to take charge of one's livelihood and life. Just plain capitalism, and not even my own idea, sure. But I think it works!

It's not my original idea. It is this thing called retail arbitrage. I am considering making money buying cheap at Target and Walmart, or anywhere with a clearance shelf and goods of any kind, preferably light weight (shipping) and reselling for more at Amazon. If you follow the rules - and there are some - then it is totally legal, and can double money. Breaking rules, is just like if you are to not file necessary taxes, or if you buy/sell a list of patent items that are not allowed, like I think I phones(?) or if you list items as "new" where the items are actually to be listed as "used."

I want to do it next month. (Mom thinks I am crazy. Other friends think it sounds kinda nimrod or "un-me".) I tell myself too often that I should work in the field I believe in or use my creativity and get paid for it. What about the fact I need some money and that's that?

So I am creative. Maybe it takes talent to get into Masters of Fine Arts programs or to paint some things I do, or write and publish poems, but these things aren't mutually exclusive. I can still earn my income from capitalism. :)

So it is a thought I present to the world, and I welcome feedback, if kind. I also am looking for comrades in retail arbitrage. Either distance or local. Not that we would go in together but that we would give one another ears or moral support.

I will let you know what happens.