Question 1:

When I am a jerk, let me rest. When I am rested, only when the sun streams from my eyes will I stop doubting for a minute. Past the doubt may I find a faithfulness in you. I know, even broken, that family is always family. I know, fractured and crying, that you will always be kindred. Why do I ask questions that just cause pain? Why do I have to be a jerk to see clearly? Do I have to be a jerk? Is there a way to learn something better?

I am but a humble jerk, for you.


Maybe I cower from fighting, maybe I fumble at finding strength for arguing words, maybe I have strong reasons, history of struggle, this is my cycle, I get overwhelmed, I pull inside my shell, I rebuild, I try to repair the broken bits.

Today, I am here to learn to stand up for myself, to ask for space, but also to will myself into speaking. I am someone. At least, I want to be someone.