Gazing through stained glass the sun meets my eyes. Angelic voices float over the pews. Two women from the choir part from their seats, serenade us for communion. I notice that just after the Great Thanksgiving, niceness just gleans from people. People politely and patiently wait for others to get back to their seat before we file back in. Something about today at Church lifts any form of existential resistance right away, evaporates any part of my ego that is not complying, and encourages such celebration.

I put roses in my hair today because I didn't have any red, and it has been a tradition in this church for 5 years for everyone to wear red on Pentacost. I don't notice during the Sermon really. I don't know during the picnic afterwards. But when I am swimming my half mile in the following hours, I realize I have been carrying the resistance of summer humidity. I have been at odds with going to the pool or doing what is good for myself, until this moment, when I was in church kneeling and praying and thanking goodness. It started there.

So maybe I will become one of these "Come to our Episcopal Church Sunday" type people. Maybe I will read the Bible some day! LOL May I if it means this hope and peace extends.

I had went for a while to an African American church in town. I had this great realization in that service of what God means to me. I awakened to the fact that the great metaphors of the scripture are best when interpreted inwardly. That was how I convinced myself to return for the parts of the service I liked best, despite of some feeling of this not being "my" church.

Before I had attended Quaker Meeting (religiously) at Berea Kentucky. But it has been so long since I went there, and I want something in my town. So Sing Emanuel!

It helps that my Mom makes me proud in church. She is such a great person for leading new people from the back pews, (me included) in terms of when to sit and stand. (It gets kind of complicated to know what page all of the service is on!) Also Mom is great at keeping her tune in tune so I am glad for that because my voice... varies.