How is painting? Painting is a liberation of emotions. When I paint a little thing it can come out loud, vibrant. A dot can capture these feelings. So when I stippled a swimmer, a couple entries back, I got asked by my brother to paint something for his wall.

So I was working on this yesterday and Mom comes in and tells me something about how "stipple swimmer was so inspired." I am working on a deadline to give this painting to my brother, and I hear in my Mom's words that she isn't sure about this half done painting as stipple swimmer. So I paint in a yellow bikini (no longer pictured) and give up for a while.

Big paintings are hard work! They can completely drain my emotions and energy in general.

Eventually I paint over the yellow bikini with white and continue the attempt.

Not sure if I could do large scale paintings every day though I am thinking they burn more calories and are a better work out.

Note - Unfinished?