Don't look twice because I am taller and stronger

As I plow through the field with the power of a Woman

Digging potatoes for my seven children, husband, and aging father.

If it rains, don't come to tell me my feet are clods of mud.

Don't you think I know that?

Don't you think I like that feeling of Earth?

A Woman as strong as me can take anything.


I fork out thirteen bushels a day.

I tell you before I met my husband, I would have chosen

To marry the Earth, instead.

So I waited, until one day, when the sun was going down,

And I was absentmindedly watching a moth fly off towards the moon,

And I smelled something better than bacon in the morning.

You think I'm a vegetarian?

Honey, just because I look like your Momma

Does not mean I'm easy.