A dream can be an ambition or an image of the night and this fact frustrates me because I think each idea needs a separate word. I know it sounds picky, but it bugs me that the same word, dream, is used to talk about the hopes people have and the night visioning processes that occur.

I guess part of my qualm comes with the fact that I want to talk about my dreams, but most people think, from reading that declaration, that my desire is to talk about aspirations. What I really want to talk about is the illusion that occurs in the mind at night.

It is not really considered very normal to talk about night dreams. Goal dreams are fair game, even rewarded conversation matter, but because dreams of the night are such open windows into our mind, many people would rather not bring their personal dreams up in social media or public conversation.

But I am fascinated with my night images and the night images of my friends. People talk about Trump nightmares, but I think that they only feel liberty to talk about that because they feel a large group of people also are having these same subconscious thoughts. I wish we didn't have to be so self conscious about these important insightful night dreams.