Some of the best questions to ask can scientifically be answered with a single word like no or yes.

But a tree just exists like a Buddha in perfect mediation. A tree is body no mind. Be body. There is no guilt or blame, but existence and beauty. We animals feel pain and maybe listening down to roots and hearing our dreams aids our healing and eases our pain. But trees just are. They don't live to pass judgment make politics or nestle themselves in ideologies, which is why, to refer to the definition of "Awakening" that Adyashanti gives, trees may be more awakened than any of us. Adyashanti's Awakening is close to UNITY and knowing we are one as unified beings. We are the same. The man who walks by on the road, regardless of his beliefs, Democrat, Republican, believing in the abolition of guns or the right to bare arms. We are the man. And the man is us. And we all are also the tree and visa versa. Be body. Be body.

I think about the beautiful trees, as I breathe out air that my maple friend may breathe in. Be body. Be body.

In the Yoga studio at meditation, I mentioned the horrible misogynistic shooting of the wonderful women were killed to a passing acquaintance in the shoe room where we remove our foot wear. Together in Unity we reflected upon the horror of the tragedy and how important it is to strengthen the mental health care given in this country. Of course, then we branched out on our separate limbs, me speaking my beliefs (ideology) about how I think people should never have guns at all and her saying everyone should carry arms for protection. I felt no reason to unveil my disunity. It streamed out of me as a usual course like a flowing river. It's how it happens. Maybe your thing is to watch Amy Goodman with a furrowed brow and tight shoulders, or to go to the shooting range and practice. But I believe we must aim towards unity, even if it means veering away from our comfortable ideologies.

From the guy at the end of a road with a sign saying people will be shot on sight to the War is not the Answer bumper sticker, I am steering away from the dividers even those I believe in, because I believe more in Unity. Be body; be body.

There is a sycamore tree breathing in and out this same air. Maybe it is meditating. Maybe it is feeling. Maybe it knows the pains of the world. With certainty it knows how to exist and what is its body. Xylem and Phloem and Stomata and all the words I have forgotten from Biology. There is beauty in the way light touches it. And body is. The trunk is. The leaves are. The roots are deep.

When we Meditate, early in the process Heather says "now feel how your body is. Do you have pains? Be aware of the pains. Are there good feelings? Be aware of the joys. Now let all of this go on down the stream. Let your thoughts about the pains and the joys and all the thoughts be. Do not judge them or say they are good or bad, just let them flow on downstream."

Heather is teaching trees. She is teaching a room of five to be body. We are aware of our head and in unity with the thoughts there. They are okay. We allow the mind to exist in the stream, but it is the current flowing through everything that matters more.

Once, long ago, when I was judging and fearing yoga because I worried there was no room for my large body on a narrow mat, I met a woman named Marcy. Now she has born children but this was before. She told me politics is not a good thing to ask people about in the initiation of a conversation, and I was so adamant that I knew better than that. I thought she just didn't want to disagree with me or have me angry. Maybe that was a good part of it. But part of why I agree now is that Unity is important.

Awakening might sound like a flaky, fluffy, new aged goal. But it is just learning to be a tree, I think. And I dare say we all could use a considerable amount more of it. Even the Democracy Now watching yogis. Especially the Democracy Now watching yogis.