I've been depressed and thinking about depression, but actually, the thoughts elicited are pretty hopeful. Depression today versus early depressive feelings in my mental illness, a decade ago, are marked by similar feelings. But the depressions I used to get, I was not sure how to define or what to make of them. I didn't know if they meant I would never do well in life or if I would never feel happy again each time I fell into depression. Now, I am more accustomed to the negative feelings I am experiencing. They are less surprising to me. I don't have to worry about what they mean and to a degree, I can just let them be. Sometimes they just mean I need to rest more or lie in bed watching TV, and that is okay for now.

It's not super easy though. I had some bad PMS just last week and I didn't know why my thoughts were so harmful until I recognized PMS as the culprit. Knowing why we feel how we do can make it less amplified.