When the headline reads "North Korea Says US Pressure Was Not The Reason For Its Denuclearization Promise" it just reminds me of children fighting on a playground. One child owns fifty percent of the military might in the whole world and he is a bully. The other child has that thing that the other child wants, the ability to also blow up all Earth's life with one press of a button. Give or take. It doesn't really matter that the one child has all the might since he is no more powerful than this crazy child who also has all the power, maybe, if the technology functions for him that day. So the children finally "agree to disagree" or to hold off on mass annihilation. Neither of the boys seem mentally clear thinking because it is not toy cars they play with. It's the life of people.

If they were adults, and clear thinking, and doing the right thing, they wouldn't have to torment each other and prove they were more powerful than the other. There is something bigger than this argument you are having together: the world. The world needs you to turn the other cheek. Being able to walk away, whoever can do that first and not return to the argument, makes the real winner.

Think of this, if you become a peace candidate, you will perhaps even be more able to win another election, like to be mayor of a small right wing town.