Coming back onto my feet vocationally after not working a long time this seriously. Wish other disabled people were given opportunities they deserve as I have. The end game of chess is defeating the opponent. Feeling I am on course currently. Not thinking MFA is the best option for June and July. Found some supportive friends this week. Feels pretty solid. Sorry to disappoint people in terms of a mother who sacrificed financially for me to pay the enrollment deposit. I was waiting to shine in work again for the right work. I thought I could calculate and decide what that might be but I think that is just art. Art is of the most important things in life. Art inspires and conveys beauty. So can writing. My heart is feeling more into the job than the education. I have been someone to go back and forth before but I say this decidedly that I feel very strong about popcorn now. Or just business or where the current path is leading. Maybe my mind doesn't always see that my powers of convincing through honest connection could help the world. But we do live in an economy. The lack of money has always been something that I have weaseled around. I found education that was free and traveled the world even on gifts from friends. Economically it is time to carry my weight. Economically it is time to find how to teach needed skills to people. empowerment is what this is about. Because I myself was able despite weird odds, I never knew what I am learning in this vocational experience. It is better to dive into mystery than to shiver alone at the edge of the known. Am I no longer a writer? No. I am more of a writer. I am adding the genre of business writing. My mind has the capacity for logic in addition to intuition.