There is something about reading a book, finding a favorite book, and connecting with someone else who also loves that book. Of all the connections I have known, I recently corresponded with a professor who loves Hojoki, and I was touched deeply by sharing that text. I guess book club runs in the family.

There is a myth to blackberry pie that honey is to strong or it fights the flavor. Told this story, I laugh as if the joke is on me, but after these morsels of over sweetened pie are gone, I come home to my secret recipe.

Honey 1/2 cup

blackberries just enough

butter more than I'd admit

flour 2 cups for 2 shells

I have made some amazing pies, with berries in season that I had just picked. It is winter and I rely on foreign farmers or frozen berries. But I still make one of the best pies known, and the secret always is raw local honey.