‚ÄčIt seems it is an ever-present component of my life, the need for privacy in terms of how I express myself publicly, like on facebook or blog, and how acquaintances respond to that. I never have really known how your blog life intersects with your personal correspondences. When you meet new people there in Ohio does some of their knowledge of you rest on the hinges of your blog? How do you feel comfortable with people knowing so much about you and your life? (From the fact that you have tried standing urination to goodness knows what else?) It has always been a hard subject for me personally to balance what to share publicly and to consider any words I say openly for the Whole world to know. I just ask you because it is something I think about, and know you must have shared experiences. Sometimes I start to get to know people and I find out they have read some of my stuff. It always impacts how we relate. Sometimes they address it openly, my preference. Other times they skirt around the fact that they know something I sometimes even forget I have shared. My blog is akin to a diary. I am honest about that with the public and myself. But I don't exactly have a itemized list of all the subject matter I have covered in there. One time I met someone in the woods who had read my blog, your blog, and Joey's blog and seemed to know more about some of it than I did. And he was brandishing a knife and seemed a bit high, so that was kind of intimidating. Other times people seem to be trying to encourage me, but not entirely willing to try pure honest admission that they have read my blog.

Come to think of it, I am going to alter this and share it on my blog. Ironic as can be. Let me know what you think tho!