First it takes an a woman on the front lines, an activist in the Dakota Access Pipeline defending sacred Indian land and water itself. She comes into my mental view and I like what I see, a mixture of a courageous international traveler vagabond chick from college I know, myself, and every woman who has ever had to lift her voice up above what limits she knew she had to say something important, because somebody's life depends on it. Shailene is an incredible person because she is a climate activist. Maybe feminism is a word too old for her, and that's okay, because Shailene has something about her that is special and worth listening to. It is why I went into that giant thunderstorm with her on a big scary boat (on the big screen) because I respect and admire this actress more than any I have ever seen. I have a weird feeling I might meet her someday. I guess that is one good motivation or incentive to be or become a climate activist ASAP. I can't say much more because I don't want to possibly give anything away. But in Adrift, Shailene's acting makes the story completely believable. I hope all of my readers get to see it too.